Monday, June 18, 2012

Photos With the Cast!

Did you come to our very special Fathers Day show last night? Check to see your photo with the cast below! (click to enlarge)




Friday, June 15, 2012

Photos From Our Fathers Day Show!

Take a look below at some photos from our new upcoming fathers day show. Tickets going fast! So make your reservations now! (click to enlarge)

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Last Chance to Join Us For Fathers Day!

Tickets going fast!  Almost sold out!

Flirty girls in skimpy costumes!  Off-color humor!  Starchy food!  What more could Dad want?

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An All New Comedy Mystery 3-Course Dinner Show!
6:30PM, Father's Day, June 17, 2012 at Nino's Italian Restaurant, 3853 Atlantic Ave (at Roosevelt off the 405), Long Beach, CA 90807
Directed and Produced by Bob May and Maureen Lawrence

Featuring Michael Castro, Tree Henson, Chris Kipp, Maureen Lawrence, Jennifer Pearce, and Travis Rhett Wilson

Call or text 714-788-1745 (or email ) NOW for the "EARLY BIRD" Advanced Reservation Discount! (Includes tax, server tip and parking.) Full bar available for separate purchases.
Adding discounts for May birthdays and wedding anniversaries!  Also, seniors, students, military and groups!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why a Father's Day Show?

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Why do a Father's Day comedy mystery show, you ask?  Well, frankly, it's because hardly anybody else has!

I've worked around a lot of dinner shows and other theatrical companies for an awful lot of years.  Almost every one does a special Mothers Day show.  And, certainly one for Valentine's. 

Let's face it, women drive the show-going economy.  Even Hallmark will tell you that Father's Day is right up there in importance with Secretary's Day and Grandparents' Day.  Well, we're gonna change that!

Let's consider dear old dad:
  • While mom taught you manners at the dinner table, dad taught you the "rules of the game" 
  • Mom probably helped you write your first birthday present thank-you note to your auntie.  Dad most likely let you watch him pay the bills or taught you how to write a check
  • Mom put me in touch with my love of lobster and avocados, but it was Dad who took me to his favorite coffee shop and got me hooked on the "french dip sandwich" with the fries on the side "very, very crisp"
  • Mom taught me the "box step," but it was dad who took me out to the airport and parked at the end of the runway and taught me how to tell one plane from another.  I still think of him when I recite "the Four Co-efficients of Flight." Speed...lift...drag...gravity."  There are life lessons bundled up inside those four words as well
  • In some cases of course, mothers and fathers are all one; one parent wearing both hats.  But still, one of those hats is "Dad's," isn't it?
Maybe the conventional wisdom is true.  Maybe guys like dad don't like the "theater."  I can't tell you how many times I've seen the disgruntled faces of husbands entering our shows, some practically dragged in, kicking and screaming, by their wives.  They huff and puff and settle in at the table like condemned prisoners being dragged in front of firing squads. But then, something magical happens.

First, terrific food comes to the table.  Next, a pretty girl flirts with them during a song.  Then, somebody tells a gut-buster of a joke.  And the next thing you know you look at these men, and their smiles have broadened across their faces like something beatific.  Their bald spots almost twinkle.  I've seen it happen again and again.

So why not try something new this upcoming Fathers' Day?  Why not wait 'til the Fathers' Day mid-day sports are over, program the Tivo for the night games, bundle the brood up in the car and head on over to Nino's this June 17 to celebrate the "old man."  Even if your "old man" is a woman.  He/she may get a kick out of the novelty of it. 
Anyway, I bet (s)he'll be smiling on the way out the door.
See you in Long Beach this June.

Bob May, Producer/Director,
(714) 788-1745