Rio Can Be Murder

Rio, 1946. Samba...Nazis...and Murder! Come join us for a sizzling hot evening of food and fun, and help us solve this Mardi Gras mystery 

The USO Murders

London, World War II. Welcome to The Yanks Club, a place where British and U.S. soldiers (and their girls) can come enjoy a night of wholesome entertainment....except the club owner's just turned up dead, and an envelope containing secret documents of his has gone missing. What was he hiding, and who wanted him out of the picture? Join us for this patriotic murder mystery

Speakeasy, Die Easy

Los Angeles, 1932. You're in a local speakeasy, sampling the smuggled hooch, when the owner turns up with a knife in his back. Enjoy a full course dinner and help down-on-his-luck gumshoe Johnny Lombard solve the murder before the police arrive and shut the whole place down. Costumes encouraged.

Murder Under Mistletoe

Christmas Eve, 1953. You're snowed in at the Rosedale Hotel. Two of it's staff have just been murdered. Who killed them? The stuffy concierge? The ditzy desk clerk? The mysterious stranger who knows more than he's letting on?

Elaine Whales and the Mummy of King Khufu

It's the big unveiling of the newly unearthed mummy of King Khufu, pharaoh of Egypt. But the sarcophagus is empty! And members of the exhibit are dropping like flies! Is Khufu seeking bloody revenge from beyond the grave? Join news reporter Elaine Whales and help unravel this macabre mystery!

Attack of the Creeping Menace (in 3-D)

A killer inside... monsters outside... nowhere is safe! Join us for a rockin' good time as a group of 50s diners try to solve a string of murders before an army of giant mosquitos come bursting through the walls. Interact with the cast and enjoy a full course dinner while the mayhem takes place all around you!

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