Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fathers Day Mystery Dinner Show at Nino's Italian Restaurant in Long BeachSunday, May 27, 2012 11:09 PM

A cast of professional actors from throughout the Southland will descend on Long Beach this Fathers Day to present a new and unique theatrical experience to local residents.
MovEable MysteryDinners' all new comedy mystery dinner show, complete with gangsters and chorus girls; suspects and detectives, invites guests to enjoy a 3-course Italian dinner from local favorite Nino's Italian Restaurant.
Guests enjoy a waiter-served dinner while questioning suspects at their table and trying to unravel the mystery.  One lucky diner even wins a prize.
Moveable Mystery Dinners has been presenting this kind of audience participation musical comedy throughout Southern California since 2010, and are trying out Long Beach with a view to bringing more shows here on a regular basis.  Many of their cast members have been involved in this and other kinds of theater since the 1970s.
The cast features Michael Castro of Orange, Tree Henson of Long Beach, Chris Kipp of Winnetka, Maureen Lawrence of Long Beach, Jennifer Pearce of Anaheim, and Travis Rhett Wilson of Corona.  It is directed and produced by Bob May of Costa Mesa and Maureen Lawrence of Long Beach.
The show takes place at 6:30PM, Father's Day, June 17, 2012 at Nino's Italian Restaurant, 3853 Atlantic Ave (at Roosevelt off the 405), Long Beach, CA 90807.  Reservations are required.
Reservations can be made by calling or texting 714-788-1745, or emailing actorconsultant@aol.com.
"Early bird" discounts are available for reservations made prior to June 7.  Group, senior, student and military discounts are also available.  Tickets begin at $44.95 per person and include dinner, show, tax, server tip and parking. A full bar is also available for separate purchases.
More info is available at www.movEablemysterydinners.com, or Moveable Mystery Dinners Facebook page.
Contact: Bob May
(714) 788-1745

The Cast of Nino's Fathers Day Mystery Dinner Show: From left: Tree Henson, Michael Castro, Jennifer Pearce, Maureen Lawrence (seated) and Travis Rhett Wilson

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Audiences & What They Want

Our Audiences & What They Want

The simple answer to the above is : "A lot."

Most of the folks coming to our shows are celebrating: birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions.  Graduations, holidays, employee recognitions.  Some are soldiers coming home from overseas.  Some are companies looking to build better work teams.  Some are bachelorettes.
Most of our audiences are in their 40s and 50s.  They are the people who remember the old movies we celebrate and parody.  Sometimes however we get guests who are younger or older. Sometimes we host a 90th birthday.  Or, a 50th wedding anniversary.  Or, sometimes a couple will come on a "special" first date...something a little bit more than the usual movie and pizza afterward.
Occasionally, we host a wedding proposal...and work it into the show!
Suffice it to say, our audiences are celebrating an "occasion."  They've left the kids at home.  They don't want to eat with their fingers.  They may have even dressed up a little.  Or maybe, come in costume.  We've seen it all over the years.
They want a balance of being involved and being left alone.  They want the romance of both a quiet conversation with one or more special friends...and, the romance of being carried back in time to a nostalgic time and place.
Believe it or not, some actually come to solve the mystery.  Some want to win the prize.  Most certainly, they have come looking for a good and tasty meal...and some come to drink.  They come to laugh, and gasp, and even tear up a bit at the bittersweet ending.
They all want a good customer service experience.  They want to be greeted quickly, served when they're ready, neither pestered nor ignored.  They want memorable food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere, and to be entertained as well.  And they want value: the very best for the very least.  They want something unique, yet familiar; an experience they will remember (and tell their friends about) for all the right reasons.
The way we accomplish all this is through our people: actor/waiters who are, in my opinion, the hardest working; most talented "professionals" in the entertainment and hospitality business.  Think for a minute: when was the last time your server did a pun-filled patter song between courses?  Or, your favorite comedian told a joke while bringing an extra basket of bread to your table without being asked?  Who else does all that?  My guess is not very many people.
Got an "occasion" coming up?  Come give us a try.  Let us prove we know what you want.

Bob May, Producer/Director, Moveable Mystery Dinners
(714) 788-1745 actorconsultant@aol.com 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bullets Fly over Broadway for Father's Day!

Make sure to make your reservations for our (god)Fathers Day show now! You can find information for our upcoming show below, and also in the "reservations" tab on our website.

Special Father's Day Show
Sunday, June 17, 2012
at 6:30pm

Show Prices

Nino's Restaurant
3853 Atlantic Avenue,  Long Beach, CA 90807
for Reservations & Information Call
(714) 788-1745 

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who is (MMD) Moveable Mystery Dinners?

Welcome to (MMD) "Moveable Mystery Dinners.'"

There are a lot of mystery dinner companies out there.  Certainly more than when I started performing this rather special kind of theater back in 1993.

There are some which are franchises, with copyrighted names and logos and privately-owned companies throughout the country, and (who knows) maybe the world.  There are some that are "mom and pop" operations, and some that fancy themselves major corporations, not unlike any business or company any where.
There are some, believe it or not, who aspire to "high art."  No, I'm not kidding.

Some do it strictly for the money (not that there's anything wrong with that).  Again, believe it or not, I know mystery dinner show producers who have bought houses, raised kids, and made a living doing this sort of nonsense (I mean..."fun for all!!").

(Not that making money is a bad thing.  Certainly, we can't pay for catering, costumes, actors, writers, musicians and props without it.)

And then there are some, like us here at MMD, who are in it primarily for the fun.  Most of us here at MMD have other sources of income to live on: day jobs, pensions, parents and spouse who work so we can pursue what we like to do.  Which is act, direct, write and entertain.

I think there is enough room in the marketplace to support all these different endeavors.  Notice I titled this piece "Us AND Them," not "us versus them." Contrary to popular beliefs (of some people), I don't believe this particular form of entertainment is a zero-sum game.  I do believe (a cliche I know, but true) that "a rising tide lifts all boats."

My experience is that once a person has seen and enjoyed an evening of mystery dinner theater, he or she will want to come back for more, though usually something different, a variety of stories that any one company would be hard pressed at best to supply.

Indeed, the question I am asked most often by audience members after a show is "How soon does the show change?" expressing, I believe, a pent-up desire for more of the same; not less, nor the same thing over again.
Likewise, when I see a movie or show, or eat a dinner or hear a song I enjoy, what is the likelihood I will have had my fill for a year or a day or a lifetime?  Not very likely, I think.  It's hard therefore for me to understand why we in the dinner show biz (whether hobby, or business or art form)  don't band together and cross-pollinate.
I think there's more to be said about this.  What do you think?  I'd love to hear.

Meanwhile, we at MMD are planning a show for Fathers' Day evening in Long Beach.  I know of some Mothers' Day shows (and weekly events) I can refer you to as well.  Nothing, I think you'll find, is as much fun in it's own way, as murder mystery dinner shows.  Why don't you try one soon?  Call me for tickets or more info.  And we hope to see you soon at tableside.

Bob May, Producer/Director, 
(714) 788-1745

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