Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Attack of the 6-Legged Mutant" Tickets On Sale Now!

Make your reservations now, and purchase your tickets for "Attack of the 6-Legged Mutant" online at Mavericktheater.com!

In this interactive, comic whodunit tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll sci-of the 1950s, a small Southern town is under attack from giant mutations created by lingering radiation from the nearby Oak Ridge Tennessee Project that help create the fuel for the first atomic bomb. A small band of backwoods men, women and local police struggle to defeat this blood-sucking foe. Meanwhile, the audience must help identity a would-be murderer and compete amongst themselves for a reward.

3:00pm, Sundays (10/26 - 11/16)
( or 1:30pm with dinner add-on)
Call 714-788-1745
for more information

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